Why have KAD detail your vehicle?

KAUAI AUTO DETAIL​ "KAD" (tourists get their rental cars cleaned here)
Aloha and welcome to Kauai Auto Detail (in Kapaa). 

My name is Kandace and I am the director of operations for Kauai Auto Detail   --- "KAD"

We have been detailing vehicles for over 30 years and have learned a lot that can help you get your vehicle

looking and smelling better than ever in the Kauai salt water and corrosion environment.

I know that we are not the cheapest auto detail company around but we are the very best....

"KAD" is the only auto detail company on Kauai that offers state of the art products that hold up and

protect against the salt water spray and corrosion with out using GMO products and harsh chemicals!

The products that we use for the exterior of your vehicle were developed by NASA for the space industry

and now we can offer it to you. We actually mix it right here and make it super strong to help to protect your

vehicle from the Kauai salt water spray, bird droppings, tree sap, and much, much more. 

We can even help you get rid of early stages of rust on your chrome.

We specialize in high end vehicles. When your are spending $30-40-50-60 thousand and more for your vehicle, 

whether it is for home or business, the upkeep of that vehicle is very important and that is what we offer.

​On the interior we use Melaleuca products, which are plant based and clean better than any chemical products

with a much better aroma. It also has anti-baterial cleaning and mold removal properties second to none.

We also clean engines and offer scratch removal as needed.

When you go out for dinner with the family or friends around here

it could cost easily $350.00 plus for a family of 6. I.E. :Kintaros,The Hyatt and other high end,

awesome restaurants. I know...we just did that! You have a great time for one night.

For almost the same amount of money you can have a full "KAD" detail that will last for months

with just a simple wipe down every couple of weeks.

Why come to "KAD"?  

Simply we are the very best auto detail you will ever get here on Kauai or anywhere for that matter.

We offer you a 100% customer satisfaction or it costs you nothing. Simply bring it back and we will make you happy.

IMPORTANT CAVEAT: Not all stains can come out and not all scratch can be be remove without a full new paint job.

We offer a free Demo to show you what we can do on your vehicle so you can see the difference.

We offer free pick up and delivery anywhere on the east side and Mobil detail for two or more vehicles any where on Kauai.

For full details -- we work mainly on appointments -- call 639-2353 to get your vehicle sparkling like NEW!  

Monday to Friday                     9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Sat                                           9:00 am to 12:pm
​Sun                                          Closed

Note:  "KAD" also details Boats, Airplanes, Helicopters and much more!

We also run Kauai Clean for houses and offices and Kauai Movers for any of your move jobs on Kauai    


​Aloha and Mahalo for your time!

Kandace & the "KAD" team
Mahalo for your business!